Levi (Lee) David and Jacobine (Fry) Yoder





Levi (Lee) David Yoder was born on January 9, 1848 in Juaniata (or Juniata) County, Pennsylvania. 

Lee Yoder was the third son of of Elias Yoder (1825-1875) and Lydia (Plank) Yoder (1824-1859).  He married Jacobine Fry in January 1871. Levi and Jacobine moved to Dade County Missouri in 1869.  In 1889 they moved to a rural area south of Portland, Oregon in the Willamette Valley.  This became known as Yoder, Oregon.

Lee Yoder died on September 27, 1941 in Yoder, Oregon.  Jacobine (Fry) Yoder was born September 27, 1852 in Butler County, OH. She died July 26, April 30, 1925. 

Levi and Jacobine's Children:

  • Ida born April 16, 1873 in Dade County MO. Died about August 18, 1910. Click here to read a journal by Ida about a trip to the Oregon coast.

  • Katie B., born 1874 in Dade Country, MO. She died September of 1875 in Dade County.

  • Levi Henry, born February 26, 1876 in Dade Country, died October 26, 1919 at Seasdie OR.

  • Flora, born November 6, 1877 in Dade Country MO, died July 1945 in Portland OR.

  • Anna Frances, born October 24, 1879, Dade Country MO. Died August 27, 1949 in Gladstone OR. She married John W. Watson (b. 1880, d. August 19, 1963 in Clackamas Country, OR). 

  • Bertha, born 1881 in Dade County MO. Died 1971. She was married to married to Henry Rittenaur (d. 1956)

  • Maude S., born May 19, 1884 in Dade County, died May 3, 1955 in Gladstone. She was married to John Peck.

  • Grant, born August 7, 1886 in Dade Country, MO. He died February 9, 1972 in Chilliwak, BC. He married .  Married Cornelia Belle Sills (b. September 11, 1885 in Cove, OR, d. July 11, 1984 in Richond BC).

  • Joseph Benjamin, born July 16, 1888 in Dade County, MO, Died August 1981 in Coral Gables, Florida.

  • Elsie, born February 15, 1891 in Yoder, OR. Died July 19, 1982 in Portland, OR. Elsie never married.